• Qualitex Chopper 40-20-40 Truck Seating   Click Here for More Info
    This seat embodies the spirit of the travel. With a roadbike influence this style will get you closer to open road, and the adventure it brings!

  • Qualitex Eagle 40-20-40 Truck Seats   Click Here for More Info
    The Eagle exudes clean lines and a contemporary experience. The addition of this seat to any truck will enhance the visual appeal greatly.

  • Qualitex Trailboss Truck Seat   Click Here for More Info
    The Trailboss truck seat is a full bench featuring a console. It is a contemporary styled bench seat that extends across the cab.

  • Qualitex Rogue 40-20-40 Truck Seat   Click Here for More Info
    This seat includes extra foam support that contours to body. A 'No-Sag' suspension frame, and built in headrest with neck support.

Welcome to Qualitex Seating. We are a direct manufacturer of truck seats, pickup seats, van seats, bucket seats, Jeep Seats, Hot Rod Seats, S.U.V., RV, Marine, Offroad, Specialty, and all custom vehicle seats. Our truck seats are replacement seats for every kind of vehicle made. We specialize in new truck seats, replacement heavy duty truck seats, pickup truck seats, and Living Quarter Seating.

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